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For the team at ACTS Institute, motivation comes from seeing their students succeed. 

This page is dedicated so a small number of the many success stories that the team see develop throughout the year. These are real people like you who have chosen to take the challenge of furthering their education with ACTS Institute of New Zealand.

If you are in need of a new direction or support to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, get in touch with Jordan and the team at ACTS Institute today!
Achieve with ACTS Institute of NZ

Dylan Faneva

After studying building foundations at UCOL in the Wairarapa region, Dylan started the pathways programme wanting to earn NCEA level 1 and 2. Dylan set himself a goal of completing NCEA level 2 in one year and to also find a career choice that he would enjoy. Dylan enjoyed trades services but none of them stood out to him.
At first Dylan found it challenging to keep a positive attitude and work ethic and would often struggle with attendance. Dylan enjoyed learning more about employment skills and what it took to be a professional in the workforce. He found confidence and motivation in this knowledge and committed himself to have a consistent work ethic and attendance rate. Dylan gained NCEA level 2 and then used his initiative to find level 3 courses in Lower Hutt.  
Dylan is now studying Level 3 in security at HLC in Lower Hutt. Dylan is very excited about this new journey and has set a goal to become a professional security guard for major events. He is enjoying improving his personal presentation gains weekly work experience working at events around wellington such as music concerts and conferences.
We wish Dylan every success in his journey ahead! 

Serena Beaver

I had been a stay at home mother for over 5 years with no qualifications to my name and I was at a loss on how to better myself for my future and my children’s. I had received a phone from a programme coordinator informing me about Acts Institute. Accepting a spot on the programme was the best choice I have ever made. When I first started I had no interest in making friends or trying to complete the course, but over time friendships were made and I tried my hardest to get the work done.

Through the help of Jordan and the Acts team I have gained all the qualifications there are to gain from this course; NCEA level 1&2, National Certificate in Employment Skills and National Certificate in Computing Level 2. My confidence has been boosted as well as my self-esteem and I’m no longer afraid of job interviews and applying for work. During my time at ACTS I had work experience at The Warehouse and was then successful in a job application and interview to gain a fixed term position over Christmas. I have since then gained a permanent fulltime position at The Warehouse and I am completely off the benefit—I am working hard and continuing to build my career and be the best role model I can for my kids. 

Nadia Ulukita

When beginning the SEPS employment workshops at ACTS, Nadia was nervous, unsure and slightly lost.
She didn’t know what to expect and she lacked confidence. After meeting the group of girls who were also completing the workshops, she began to open up and enjoyed picking up new job hunting skills. 

It didn’t take Nadia long to embrace all the skills that she had been taught, and she was making phone and face to face cold calls on a regular basis. She was also getting more confident at writing a cover letter. When she discussed with ACTS about applying for a position at a local bar/restaurant, ACTS was able to arrange an interview directly with them. Nadia was fantastic at the interview and the employer really liked her. And although she wasn’t suitable for the advertised position, they were able to create her an entirely separate position in which she could utilise her current skill set, and learn new skills. 

In Nadia’s first 3 days at her new job she began training in different departments in the organisation and she is really enjoying it. For Nadia securing a job, is the next step in changing her life and she is so excited about the future. We continued to work with Nadia and after just 3 months she was able to gain fulltime hours in her role. ACTS is now supporting Nadia through In-Work-Support and we love catching up and hearing about her successes in employment.  
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